Dell Original 90 W Adapter for 15R-5547 (Power Cord Included)
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Dell Original 90 W Adapter for 15R-5547 (Power Cord Included)

Rs. 1,395.00 Rs. 2,213.00
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Dell 15R-5547 90 W Adapter  (Power Cord Included)

  • It is Dell 100% Genuine Adapter with having Dell (India) Warranty with an unbranded power cord. Dell Original Adapter comes without a power cable. So, we are offering a free power cable with this Adapter. It is 19.5V/4.62Amp 90W Adapter, buy only if your old adapter is/was 90w and have the same specification. Feature & Details:- * 100% Genuine Adapter with 1 year warranty. Dell has 2 different pins, It is a 7.4x5.0mm (Buy Carefully)  Adapter in combo with an unbranded power cord (without warranty).

  • Brand- Dell (original)

  • Power Input- 100 – 240V, 50-60Hz

  • Power Output - 19.5V, 4.62A

  • Wattage- 90W

  • Pin Size- 7.4MM

  • complimentary premium quality power cable included

  • One Year Warranty

  • Item Weight- 240 g

  • Compatible Model- Dell Inspiron 1150, Dell Inspiron 1501, Dell Inspiron 300m, Dell Inspiron 500m, Dell Inspiron 510m, Dell Inspiron 600m, Dell Inspiron 630m, Dell Inspiron 640m, Dell Inspiron 700m, Dell Inspiron 710m, Dell Inspiron 6000, Dell Inspiron 6400, Dell Inspiron 8500, Dell Inspiron 8600, Dell Inspiron 9200, Dell Inspiron 9300, Dell Inspiron 9400, Dell Inspiron E1405, Dell Inspiron E1505, Dell Inspiron E1705, Dell Latitude 100L, Dell Latitude D400, Dell Latitude D410, Dell Latitude D500, Dell Latitude D510, Dell Latitude D505, Dell Latitude D520, Dell Latitude D600, Dell Latitude D610, Dell Latitude D620, Dell Latitude D800, Dell Latitude D810, Dell Latitude D820, Dell Latitude X300, Dell Precision Workstation M20, Dell Precision Workstation M60, Dell Precision Workstation M65, Dell Precision Workstation M70, Dell XPS M1210, Dell XPS M2010, Dell XPS M140, Precision M20, M60, M65, M70, M2300, M4300, M2400, M4400, Vastro 1320, 1500, 1520, 1700, 1720, Studio 17, Studio 1457, Studio 1458, Studio 14z, Studio 1535, Studio 1536, Studio 1537, Studio 1555, Studio 1558, Studio 1735, Studio 1737, Studio 1745, Studio 1747, Studio1749, Studio XPS 1645, Studio XPS 1647. Dell D/Port Replicator, Dell APR

  • Compatible Part Number - U7809, 310-2862, 310-3399, 310-4002, 310-6325, 310-6557, 310-7698, 310-7699, 310-7712, 310-7743, 310-7744, 310-7860, 310-9047, 310-9049, 310-9375, 310-9376, 312-0578, 312-0579, 312-0596, 312-0597, 320-1389, 9T215, C2894, CF820, CF989, DF266, DF349, F8834, FF313, NADP-90KB, NF599, UC473, 310-9134, 330-0945, RM805, 330-0947


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