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[Original] Hp M006 Laptop Battery - 11.1V 62WH MO06

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A lot depends on the type of battery you use for the laptop. In fact, having a good-quality battery like Hp M006 Laptop Battery is all the difference between a long-lasting and a faulty laptop. Besides that, a bad battery can cause your laptop to overheat and ultimately suffer damage.

That is why we ensure that you get the best laptop battery because it will increase the efficiency of your laptop profoundly. Moreover, it is quite dangerous to use a battery that is not compatible with your laptop. It can cause hardware malfunction also.

Lapalfa provides its customers with the best quality batteries on the market. Parallel to that, all our batteries are Li-ion and have passed all the necessary certifications.

Specifications of Original Hp M006 Laptop Notebook Battery (part No - MO06)

  • Cell: 6
  • Voltage:¬†11.1V 62Wh 6-month warranty.
  • Highly Compatible With Hp M006 Laptop
  • Battery part Number-MO06
  • In Box: 1 Laptop Battery.
  • Our Laptop Batteries are BIS Approved.
  • Highly quality, safe, & compatible with your laptop at a very reasonable price.
  • Six Month Warranty
  • 10 days money-back guarantee
  • Reach our product expert at +91-6201518970 for Any Type of Help.
  • 4 to 7 days delivery all over India

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How to Install the Hp M006 Laptop Battery?

  1. Firstly, turn off the laptop. Be sure that the laptop is not connected to a charging slot and is shut down before you start.
  2. Secondly, disconnect the connection that is between the motherboard and the old battery. This will ensure that there is no accident during disassembly.
  3. Next, remove the battery first. Unscrew it very slowly and cautiously.
  4. Lastly, connect the new Hp original battery carefully to the motherboard

Get all the information about the Original Hp M006 Laptop Battery in detail here

Product Type Laptop Battery
Product Brand Hp Original
Part Number MO06
Battery Type Lithium-ion Battery
Voltage 11.1 volt
Cell 6
Power 62 Wh
Realtime Backup Time 1.5 to 2.0 Hrs
Standby Backup Time 2.5 to 3.0 Hrs
Warranty 6 month
Package Contents Hp Lithium-ion Battery
Country of Origin China
Package Dimension 30 x 10 x 5 cm


How to Calibrate the Battery on HP Notebooks


100% Genuine Hp Laptop Battery

This 100% Genuine Hp M006 Laptop Battery from Hp India comes with a 6 Month's warranty. Furthermore, it improves laptop performance and battery life. To improve safety and lifespan, Hp uses high-quality cells and components while producing this Original Hp M006 Laptop Battery.

Product Description: Hp M006 Laptop Battery

Considering that this is the original Hp M006 battery is made to meet and exceed OEM requirements. Similarly, the other vers, compatible, features the same aspect and it lasts longer. During the manufacturing process, grade-A brand-new cells were used to produce this laptop battery. After all, the choice for the battery is of the highest caliber.

The creator made it a life-saver for your computer. So, they ensured that the Hp M006 battery has integrated circuit protection. Even more, it guarantees the charge's stability and safety, therefore protecting the laptop.

Besides, this laptop battery has tight compatibility requirements and meets quality standards for environmental safety. Plus, the product has a large battery capacity that produces excellent power and lasts for more time before recharging.

This new Hp M006 battery for the Hp Laptop models will provide you with longer battery life. As well, you can enjoy better laptop performance.

The typical runtime of this Hp M006 battery is 2 to 3 hours after a full charge. Thus, by dimming your screen and shutting down unnecessary apps and applications, you may extend the life of your battery.


Without service, selling is impossible. Therefore, we've devoted customer care staff that take the time to comprehend your needs. Moreover, the staff will assist you in selecting the ideal accessories for your device such as this Hp M006 Laptop Battery.

if you have any type of issue with the battery just contact us on this WhatsApp number and we will assist you with a replacement or refund we have 10 days return policy so need to worry.

Easy Maintenance Tips for your new Hp battery replacement.

 New battery: It's best to attempt a few cycles of draining to 5 percent before using a new battery. Afterward, try charging 95% or more. In turn, this lets it fully activate

 Overuse: Avoid constantly draining a battery to 0%. Furthermore, this might harm it. Alternatively, it may reduce its lifespan.

The order of charging is as follows. First, while charging, install the battery. Afterward, turn on the power. After ultimately charging, turn off the power first. Last, then unplug the power cord.

 Long-term storage: Keep the Hp M006 Laptop Battery fully charged while not in use. Additionally, once every month, charge it. Further, avoid storing at low power to extend the life of a battery.

 Charger: Also, never change your laptop's adapter carelessly. always use the original adapter for charging the battery if you use an unbranded charger it will damage the battery & also the motherboard of the laptop. 

    Instruction for using Hp M006 Laptop Notebook battery

    • Firstly, you should not charge your HP Laptop battery for longer than 24 hours.
    • Secondly, ensure that you are charging the battery always at room temperature.
    • Thirdly, use an original charger for the Hp battery.
    • Fourthly, for first-time use, you should charge the battery for around 3 hours
    • Fifth, always remember not to put your HP battery near a source of heat. It can damage it.
    • Sixth, you should not expose your Hp laptop battery to any liquids
    The Hp Notebook battery is a good choice for people who are looking forward to a smooth work experience on their Hp laptops. So, order yours today from us. With free shipping, 24/7 customer support, and a 6-month guarantee, our customers are happy with us! 


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