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HP Original laptop battery for PI06, PI06, PI09, Envy 15 series, ENVY M7

Rs. 2,500.00 Rs. 4,599.00
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HP Original laptop battery for PI06, PI06, PI09, Envy 15 series, ENVY M7.

  • Capacity: 4000mAh, Cell: 6, Voltage: 10.8 V.
  • In Box: 1 Laptop Battery.
  • Our Laptop Batteries are BIS Approved.
  • Highly quality, safe, & compatible for your laptop at a very reasonable price.
  • 1 Year Carry-In Replacement Warranty on the Laptop Battery
  • Highly compatible with - HP Original laptop battery for PI06, PI06, PI09, Envy 15 series, ENVY M7.
  • One Year Warranty
  • 10 days money-back guarantee
  • Reach our product expert at +91-6201518970 for Any Type of Help.
  • 4 to 7 days delivery all over india


HP Original laptop battery for PI06, PI06, PI09, Envy 15 series, ENVY M7.

Power backup is one of the key factors that define your mobility and the safety of the stored data. It is often dangerous to use any battery with your laptop as it may not compliment its statutory technical requirements. This may affect the performance of the laptop and can even damage its hardware. Our Laptop Batteries offers a wide range of Li-ion quality laptop batteries that are TUV, RoHS and CE certified.

  • They are backed by a full 12-month replacement warranty. 100% compatible with specified models, these Laptop batteries also conform to the required specifications.
  • Our laptop batteries are tested for safety, longer life, and designed for high-performance output. Our high-capacity batteries work trouble-free seamlessly.
  • All products are Certified by CE ROHS UL1642 FCC for safety. HP Original laptop battery for PI06, PI06, PI09, Envy 15 series, ENVY M7. ensures fast charging and low power consumption, Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability.



HP Original laptop battery for PI06, PI06, PI09, Envy 15 series, ENVY M7.

Capacity 4000mah
Voltage 10.8 volt
Numbers Of cells 6
Cells Technology Li-ion
Over Charge Protection Yes
Over-Discharge Protection Yes
Package Dimension 30 x 10 x 5 cm
Warranty 12 MONTHS


Compatible Part Number:-

HP 710416-001 

HP 709989-421 

HP TPN-Q120 

HP 709989-221 
HP 710417-001  HP HSTNN-YB4O  HP 709989-541  HP TPN-Q121  HP HSTNN-DB4N 
HP F3B94AA  HP P1O6 P106  HP TPN-I110  HP TPN-Q122  HP PI06047 
HP H6L38AA  HP P1O9 P109  HP TPN-I111  HP PI06047-CL  HP 709988-241 
HP HSTNN-LB40  HP PI06 PIO6  HP TPN-I112  HP PI06062-CL  HP 709988-242 
HP HSTNN-LB4N  HP PI06XL  HP TPN-Q117  HP HSTNN-DB4O  HP 709988-251 
HP HSTNN-LB4O  HP PI09 PIO9  HP TPN-Q118  HP PI06062  HP 709988-252 
HP HSTNN-UB4O  HP 709988-421  HP TPN-Q119  HP 709989-241  HP 709988-221 

Compatible Models:-

Envy 17-j021sr, Envy 15-j004er, Envy 15-j147nf, Pavilion 17-e126sg, Envy 17-j052ei, Envy 15-j010eo, Envy 15-j154so, Envy 17-j164eo, Envy 17-j076sf, Envy 15-j019eo, envy 15-j151eo, Envy 15-j170ns, Pavilion 17-e166eg, Envy 17-j176nz, Envy 17-j093sb, Envy 15-j033es, Envy 15-j179nz, Envy 17-j190nb, Envy 17-j100no, Envy 15-j050st, ENVY 17-j120sr, Envy 17-j101sa, Envy 17-j103el, Envy 15-j100np, Envy 17-j000et, Pavilion 15-e057sf, Envy 17-j110er, Envy 15-j101sl, Envy 17-j004er, Pavilion 15-e066se, Envy 17-j113el, Envy 15-j104sl, Pavilion 15-e041sx, Envy 15-j000ea, Envy 15-J138TX, Envy 17-j115sr, Envy 17-j014sr, Envy 15-j002eg, Envy 17-j122sr, Envy 17-j130sb, Pavilion 15-e021sx, Envy 17-j036eo, Envy 15-j006ss, Envy 17-j154nf, Envy 17-j072sf, Envy 15-j012sr, Envy 17-J157NZ, Pavilion 15-j004sa, Envy 15-j165so, Envy 17-j170ea, Envy 17-j089sf, Envy 15-j024sa, Pavilion 15-r036TX, Envy 15-j175sr, Pavilion 17-e176eg, Envy 17-j185na, Envy 17-j100el, Envy 15-j040el, Envy 15-j190nb, Envy 17-j199ez, Envy 17-j101ea, Pavilion 17-e050sg, Envy 17-j102er, Envy 15-j099ef, Envy 17-j106ef, Envy 17-j002er, Pavilion 15-e056ee, Pavilion 17-e087eg, Envy 17-j111sr, Envy 15-j103ed, Pavilion 15-e039ex, Envy 17-j006sr, Pavilion 15-e089sg, Envy 15-J118SO, Pavilion 15-e046sa, Envy 17-j011sg, Envy 17-j120nf, Pavilion 15-e054sa, Envy 17-j017sr, Envy 15-j003er, Envy 17-j022sr, Envy 15-j004ss, Envy 15-j150er, Pavilion 17-e129sg, Envy 17-j060sf, Envy 15-j010sr, Envy 17-J115TX, Envy 15-j155eo, Envy 17-j164so, Envy 17-j077sf, Envy 15-j020eb, Pavillion 17-e153ca, Envy 15-j171ns, Envy 17-j180ea, Pavilion 17-e012sg, Envy 17-j098sf, Envy 15-j034eo, Envy 15-j181so, Envy 17-j191nb, Envy 17-j100nx, ENVY 15-jv160no, Envy 17-j101sf, Envy 15-j082sf, Envy 17-j103sp, Envy 15-j100ns, Envy 17-j000st, Pavilion 15-e006sg, Envy 17-j110np, Envy 15-j101ss, Pavilion 15-e035sx, Envy 17-j005ea, Pavilion 15-e068se, Envy 17-j113sr, Pavilion 15-e042sa, Envy 17-j010eo, Envy 15-j000ec

HP Original laptop battery for PI06, PI06, PI09, Envy 15 series, ENVY M7


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